Vendor’s Terms & Conditions

  1. Shipping & Return Policy and website terms & conditions are mentioned on the website which will be applied for all the vendors.
  2. The Shipping & Return Policy can be modified timely considering the interest of Customers & the Vendors.
  3. Fashion Casa will charge a commission of 15% on the selling price or the discounted selling price whichever is applicable at the time of sale, excluding GST.
  4. GST of 18% (or as applicable) will be charged upon the commission amount. Invoice will be raised to the vendors accordingly.
  5. Payment will be made to the vendors within 1-3 working days in case of prepaid orders and 7-10 working days in case of Cash on Delivery after the order is delivered to the customer. 2% will be deducted from the payment in case of online payment transaction done by the customer at the time of order.
  6. Payment will be made through online bank transfer only, in both the cases of Cash on Delivery & prepaid orders.
  7. Shipping will be charged extra to the customers. The charges of the same will be calculated by the shipping company and the same will be applied to the order.
  8. Vendors will have to mention the package size required for the product along with the weight of the product at the time of adding the product on the website.
  9. Courier charges will be applied on the weight and dimensions of the parcel. If the vendor miscalculates the dimension of the package then the extra charge of the courier will be applied to the vendor.
  10. Order pickup will be arranged by Fashion Casa. Courier slip will be emailed or will be available on the vendor’s dashboard, which will be needed to be pasted on the parcel.
  11. Vendors will need to arrange for the packaging at their own cost. Damage to the products in transit due to poor packaging will be vendor’s responsibility. The cost for the courier will be charged to the vendor in case of return due to damage.
  12. An extra courier bag has to be provided to the customer in case of returns / exchange (if return / exchange is applicable to the product) to ensure safety of our own product in return transits.
  13. In case of return or if the customer refuse to accept the delivery for any reason what so ever, then the courier charges will be on the vendor. The same will be deducted from the payment.
  14. Return order pickup will be arranged by Fashion Casa and the charges of the same will be applicable on the vendor and the same will be deducted from the payment.
  15. Vendor registration can be done through the website
  16. Scan copy of Pancard, Aadhaar Card, Cancelled Cheque and GST Certificate is mandatory for registration of vendor.
  17. Vendors will be provided with a dashboard where they can upload their products and track the orders and the account.
  18. Once products are uploaded, they will be approved by Fashion Casa and only then they will be published on the website.
  19. Product prices has to be mentioned including the tax amount.
  20. Fashion Casa reserved the rights to disapprove a vendor registration or the products of the vendors.
  21. Product images have to be arranged by the vendors. The photography should be on white background only to give a uniform and a presentable look to the website. The image format must be in JPEG with a maximum size of 500KB.
  22. Fashion Casa will promote the products on its social media pages at its own cost.
  23. Vendor’s membership is free of cost and is valid for 180 days from the date of registration. The membership can be renewed on mutual understanding.
  24. Fashion Casa reserve the rights to terminate the contract in case of breach of contract in the mentioned terms & conditions.
  25. Subject to Pune Jurisdiction only.